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Two water signs, Scorpio and Cancer, are the most compatible with Pisces. When they get together, it’s guaranteed that they will have a peaceful and harmonious relationship.

This is because they all share a sensitive and instinctive approach to life. They go with what their heart is telling them, and they listen to their inner voices.

Pisces and Cancer are an ideal match because they are very understanding partners to one another, and they can easily help each other lift one another’s moods.

Pisces and Scorpio also provide the best kind of emotional support to each another, making them the most ideal partners. Creating a deep emotional connection will not be a problem because it will just happen naturally.

This will be a very natural, positive, and loving match, because their being romantic and sentimental give the stability that their relationship needs. It’s definitely a beautiful relationship, just like in romance movies and novels!


Getting together with another Pisces will be easy and natural. This is because they already have so much in common.

They know what makes the other happy, excited, terrified, annoyed, and insecure. They embody so many aspects of themselves in their partner that they will be attracted to their best and strongest Pisces qualities.

Being in a relationship with another Pisces also means that they will have to deal with sensitivity and moodiness. If you have two Pisces together, you can expect a higher level of emotion when there are fights and disagreements.

It will still be a good match because they will be able to handle their conflicts in the same peaceful and diplomatic manner. When you have so much in common with your partner, keeping the love alive will be instinctive and natural, and that’s just perfectly alright!


Pisces should be careful about people born under the star sign Gemini because they are Pisces’ complete opposite. There are simply too many differences in attitudes, personalities, and beliefs, and Pisces will be too exhausted trying to make the relationship work rather than enjoying being in a relationship.

While Pisces are warm, affectionate, and romantic, Geminis are cool and unemotional. Sometimes they are overly practical and logical, which can truly upset Pisces who just want to hear words of love and support when they’re going through tough times.

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